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Before you devote some of your time to reading this blog let’s cover some basic initial information about yours truly and the goal for this blog/ why I am choosing to write a blog:

I am a twenty year old university student in my third year of going to St. Francis Xavier University (for viewing pleasure see photo above). For those of you unfamiliar with StFX it is a small school in a small town in the small province of Nova Scotia (yes, Canada).  Oh ya! I’m working on an honors degree in social psychology (if you cared to know).

I have had more than my fair share of boyfriends, friends with benefits, partners, romantic endeavors, cuddle buddies, one night stands, two night stands, and whatever else you think of, all while covering a wide spectrum of personalities, styles, and quirks that come with each person. BUT we will address these people and the hilarious train wreck stories that come with them at a later moment.

*Now I’m not a slut (but if I was and you were about to judge me: slut shaming is bad… don’t do it) I just don’t know what I want in a BFLaOC (best friend, lover and official confidant) and my heart seems to lead me into weird/ interesting/ bad places.

**I like to pronounce that acronym as biff-lowk (the second part is kind of like loud, but with a k at the end.. phonetic spelling is for nerds and this way was more fun).

I’m not really sure if I am the only person that this happens to, but after a relationship ceases continuation I go through these weird style/ attitude changes for a couple months after. Some examples of this include: complete punk, nudist/ feminist, and of course the “I’m lonely and am going to sit in my room eating pizza and drinking wine and watch Friends with Benefits” phase. (OBVIOUSLY! I will expand upon these ridiculous phases later, so sit tight and keep your pants on)

Basically, I’ve decided that I’ve had enough of the crap and f*ckery that comes along with dating/ associating myself with losers and sleeze balls and I want to find someone that not only am I madly passionate about, but someone who just gets me and all my weirdness (in all its various shapes and forms). AND someone who is madly passionate about me and who is just as weird as me (in his own ways, of course).

I also know that I am still going to run into losers and sleeze balls, but I hope that writing about it will allow me to see that they are bad for me before I fall for them/ before I get hurt.

This, of course, brings me to my next topic: I want to write a blog because I am very bad with true and honest self-reflection and me and my sister (after a few glasses of wine) thought that if I were to write about my life and my behavior and my happenings then it will force me to think about what I am doing and why I’m doing it. Sober me agreed the next day (something that seldom happens).

But why don’t I just keep a diary? Because diaries are intended for no one to see and I could write whatever I wanted and no one would care because no one would know. (if people don’t actually read this blog then I’m going to pretend they do anyways) This also forces me to commit… I think…. ALSO, I am 20 not 12 and I don’t want to keep a diary.

ANYWAYS, enjoy my ridiculous and probably hilarious stories about finding a mister in a tiny university doused in ‘hook-up culture’.


University Miss

PS If you want to say anything sweet to me or if you have some advice email me at:



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